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      “It seems to remind people of phrenology which would also explain Steve why people are reticent.”I think the problem is that studies like this undermine the fundamental postulate of modern liberalism, which is that all people are born essentially the saairLebe.mls like to believe that a criminal is just an ordinary person who has easy access to guns. Or who went to schools that were underfunded. Or whatever.

    • LavanyaMuralidharOctober 15, 2012HI,Are these pics(Tracing Alphabet and GREEN Colour Day) only from miyapur campus? If yes please do post vasanthnagar campus pics also.Thank you

    • Effectivement, je choisis l’équipement en fonction de mes besoins. avec le Xpro1, je cadre, je déclenche et j’imprime … ça fait jaser dans les chaumières des artistes en photoshop et cie mais ce n’est pas ma faute si les Fuji sont excellents !

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      Nothing I could say would give you undue credit for this story.

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      6-19-2008 jajajja pobre imbecilkiss, guns, led zeppelin, aerosmith???? esta loco!!!!alice in chains podria haber pasado como una casual equivocacion (despues de todo tenian fuertes influencias metal) pero con tanta cojudez y media dicha, lo mas probable es que en su mente haya sido igual que con los grupos anteriores

    • De billeder havde jeg som barn pÃ¥ mit værelse i form af plakater + div. æsker og dÃ¥ser og bakker. Jeg havde helt glemt, hvor skønne de billeder er.

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      We saw a moose on the side of the road our 2nd day in Newfoundland earlier this month. We were on our way to a cruise of Witless Bay and Emma was telling someone on the boat that we had seen a moose on the way there and he couldn’t believe it. Said that he had been living in Newfoundland for a year and a half and still hadn’t seen one and it had only taken us a day and a half to encounter one.

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      rozmawiamy teraz o pomocy dla powodzian, tylko o tym, że Ty (Wy) optujesz za budowaniem WiÄ™cej Wysokich Wałów i WiÄ™cej WiÄ™kszych Zbiorników Retencyjnych na rzekach. I to w dodatku na chybcika, byle jak, w czasie powodzi. WiÄ™cej Piachu!(Oraz wiÄ™cej pieniÄ™dzy dla Koncernów Ubezpieczenowych, które zawarÅ‚y niezwykle zyskowne dotychczas umowy ubezpieczeniowe – skÅ‚adka na terenach zalewowych byÅ‚a wyższa – a teraz nagle i przecież nie ze swojej winy znalazÅ‚y siÄ™ w gÅ‚Ä™bokiej dupie.)A my, wolnorynkowcy, spokojnie wyÅ‚Ä…czamy telewizor i mówimy „C’est la vie!”

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      The boat looks like a real wreck. It would be perfectly suited for me. Is it for sail ? Times are tough, I got to much stuff, I cant explain the likes of me , except to say I just need to get back to sea. Seriously looking. 4 me !

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      USer. One, I didn't say there was anything new or not, but I'd argue that a major recording star, filing their nails while sat on the windscreen of a car driving at a lick while on two wheels was quite fresh. I don't see Robbie Williams or (tries to think of another famous singer…) the fella from Radiohead doing their own stunts. G

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      Heu, Esurnir, c’est une Cour d’assises spéciale, pour cause de faits liés au terrorisme. Il n’y a pas de jurés populaires, que des magistrats.

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      Well, glad I read this. I thought I was crazy getting frustrated with the printing and framing of some of my images. I always figured “That’s the way I cropped it. I did it for a reason, why should I do it again?” Oh, and that window is just bad-ass man. Really.

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      I shop at TJ’s every now and then but we do most of our shopping at Fred Meyer/Kroger and Costco. But looking at your bill I’m thinking we should check out TJ’s for our produce.

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      I will never watch AI again!! This is outrageous!!! James was the best!!! This show has lost all credibility and with this kind of outcry there should be a revote!!! I will buy your cd and hope to see you James when your career blows up!!! You are one talented guy and deserve all the best!!!

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      Jim,We aswered this question some where else on the site.The GHR you mention is just a version of the GHr group we have already reviewed 4 products from,GHR (15,Gold,Platinum, Renew U), so we are not going to do a seperate review of this version because it is basically just the same lame product.

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      Yes, you need that time. But I know it’s hard to find and carve out and not feel guilty about taking it away from someone else. Good luck making that time, and enjoy it xoAngela recently posted..

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      Så flink du er som har vasket vinduer, enig med deg at det er en hard og kjedelig jobb! Her har vi også plussgrader, men ingen gløtt av sol, blåst og regn her på kysten av vestlandet. Jeg har likevel fått vårfølelse, ser klosterklokkene har begynt å spire, og jammen så jeg noen spede tegn på perleblomster også (riktignok i det luneste hjørnet av hagen) Ha en fin tirsdagskveld:)

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      Okay, I can't answer your question Mr. Field, but I got this—I heard the wife's been cheating, too. AND—the wife actually took him from another blondie he'd been going with for a long time. Karma. Will bite you in the ass fo' sho'. I don't feel sorry for either of them, wifey or Tiger.SueCitySue

    • i ALWAYS carry a muslin with me, a few noisy toys and my babasling, as my bubs is super clingy and i end up holding him most of the time whilst pushing pushchair one handed!, phew!!

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      I’m sorry you feel that way, Marilynn. I see that New Rivers Press is a non-profit organization that doubles as a teaching press at a public university. I think it’s reasonable to think that the press might have some expenses that need to be covered somehow, and that it takes up someone’s time to screen manuscripts and then work with an author to make a great book.

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      Looks like the Vics are getting a taste of it as well. We’ve had some up in Mt Gambier and a few other areas but nothing compared to what you guys have had to put up with.I’ve heard another group of our CFS are flying over there to replace a group that’s tuckered out. Good Aussies in action.

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      PT:Amused by the post. It is coincidental but worth a mention that in the UK last night’s episode of Desperate Housewives was A Spark. To Pierce The Dark. In which Gaby takes her two girls to see daddy at work and some interesting misunderstandings happen with a colleague of Carlos, who assumes the girls must be the cleaner’s children (ouch!). It was funny in the way DH is funny, rather subversive but on the ball. PS: I am curious about who invents these days.

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    • Didn’t know the forum rules allowed such brilliant posts.

    • Whoever wrote this, you know how to make a good article.

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      in Paper Moon, on the subject of scruples, “I don’t know what they are, but if you’ve got ’em, they’re somebody else’s.”Just saying that his desire to hurt Harper may just outweigh any desire to hurt Iggy.

    • I’m impressed. You’ve really raised the bar with that.

    • Chopping wood is one of my favorite things to do in the world; unfortunately, I don’t get the opportunity very often, so I’m jealous. Like you, I need the physical outlet to give my brain a break every now and again. I’m glad you have that outlet.My not-MIL is coming this week to stay for a couple of weeks and I joked with Roxy this morning that I was glad I had so much wood to split — so I can get out of the house a lot. She answered that my whole neighborhood might have a pile of split wood by the end of those two weeks – K

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      If your extra sweaters are proper woolen ones, you can turn them into all sorts of interesting things after “machine felting” them. The process is more correctly called fulling, but you’ll have better luck looking for machine felting. There are some darling handbags out there made this way and I also love mug insulators that are machine felted.

    • Dear Paula,I read in a devotional that the Hebrew word for peace, “Shalom” means more that just peace of mind. It speaks of soundness for your entire being – spirit, soul and body. It means having a sense of completeness and soundness. May your mind and body experience His peace today.Love, Lillie

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    • Hi Ali – awesome giveaway!!! I would loooove to win the $500 shopping spree with Rock the Drops!!! Im opening a studio on June 1 and it would be so great to have some new stuff.Happy B-day to your little lady! My youngest turns 5 on May 15 – time flies!!!

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    • I am currently living in Sydney.I miss Malaysian food crazily,talking about Nasi Lemak..And there you are.Nasi Lemak Lover,dragged me into reading and using your blogs to satisfy my taste buds and desire of wanting Malaysian Cuisine, so badly!From Olivia CSY

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    • I much prefer informative articles like this to that high brow literature.

    • Hi Jeanine!It was such a pleasure meeting you this past fall! I can’t wait to try your recipe out and your cookies turned out so cute – love them!

    • I have been so bewildered in the past but now it all makes sense!

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    • Jim,I am so, so sorry to hear about this. It is so incredibly hard to lose your mom. Please know that you are in our thoughts and we will lift up a prayer for you and for Claire today.

    • you are such an inspiration! let's start with your kitchen. I love the coziness of it with the black and white tile. i wish i was there helping you paint. i love to paint. great color. so much potential with that vintage fabric too!

    • I am thankful though for all the hard work thats gone into the site, I sounded too ungrateful in my previous comment, but we all are thankful I'm sure for the great workers at youtube 🙂

    • Funny facial expression? Not at all, many fashion bloggers look like they're sucking a lemon so eating sweeties is nothing!! It's distinctive like Posh Spice's pout!My fave is that quilted waistcoat and skirt. Sooo 70s/80s, love it!

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      like all of these guys are crushing over me, not 2 brag… and it gets SUPER annoying when they start FIGHTING over u!!! arg! It’s not like i don’t think i’m cute or anything. JK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I went with my brother The worst day ever i went to see cars 2 with him and he wouldnt stop bugging me and he dropped 2 3D glasses!!!! Nikki your so right about not bringing your sister!

    • … eine mehr scherzhafte Frage: wie halten es eigentlich Eure beiden Unzertrennlichen, Kater Rufus und Rüde Henry, mit der Wahl des gemeinsamen Schlafplatzes ?

    • I can’t believe I’ve been going for years without knowing that.

    • Pues sí, querida Selma, acertaste, es Kenizé Mourad y el libro es El jardín de Badalpur la continuación de De parte de la princesa muerta.Nunca pensé que fuera tan difícil.Ñoras, ñores, prepárense un poquito para la próxima, que han fallado más que Solbes con las previsiones económicas.Gracias por vuestra partisipeision.Salud y República

    • For the first time in three years, I’m not hosting Thanksgiving. Hoooray for my brother, who volunteered. My family is huge, 30+ people, so I usually have to start preparing around the 4th of July.But now – all I have to do is drink!

    • Moi je me tate…je ne suis pas ultra grande non plus…hum hum…mais j’ai envie de tenter els cuissardes basses en daim. Sinon j’hésite à prendre le « la redoute » à talon…tu n’as mis aucune cuissarde plate dans ta sélection, tu trouves ça moche?? Bizz

    • Witam Bardzo lubiÄ™ AustraliÄ™ i nie ukrywam, że chciaÅ‚abym tam kiedyÅ› zamieszkać. Uwielbiam paÅ„stwa kanaÅ‚ i jest mojÄ… odskoczniÄ… od dnia codziennego. Mam natomiast pytanie dotyczÄ…ce szkoÅ‚y: kiedy siÄ™ jÄ… rozpoczyna? I kiedy sÄ… wakacje? Ostatnio czytaÅ‚am na jakimÅ› blogu, dzieci rozpoczynajÄ… naukÄ™ już od 5 roku życia. Przecież to bardzo wczeÅ›nie… Czy faktycznie tak jest? Bardzo dziÄ™kujÄ™ za odpowiedź i gorÄ…co pozdrawiam Bo u nas niestety zaczyna siÄ™ powoli jesieÅ„… (zazdroszczÄ™ wiosny!)

    • Guerena actually Madonna is selling a lot better than mariah even now. Give me all your luvin by Madonna (ironically featuring nicki minaj) was a top 10 billboard hit and Madonna has had the best selling tour of 2012. Presently, Mariah’s latest album is not doing well. Her lead single didnt even chart on the hot 100

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    • De uitleg van die laatste aya:2:62. Voorzeker, de gelovigen, de Joden, de Christenen en de Sabianen – wie onder hen ook in God en de laatste Dag geloven en goede daden verrichten, zullen hun beloning bij hun Heer ontvangen en er zal geen vrees over hen komen, noch zullen zij treuren.Dit betreft gelovigen die de boodschap van Moesa(as) of Isa(as) volgden en monotheistisch waren voor de tijd van de Islaam. Of heb jij je eigen interpretatie van deze aya die ‘beter’ is als die van bv Ibn kathir?

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      Haha jeg kender det godt! Jeg var egentlig også mest hug på Ganni kjolen indtil jeg så ekspedienten i blusen og så var jeg forelsket. Den må jeg altså eje! (Den findes vist også i sort?).

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      It's been so sad and scary. We are up right outside NYC and it is just a mess here. I keep thinking about all the poor animals too and it just breaks my heart 🙁

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    • fan-naruto dit :ou alors j’ai envie de dire chapeau le gars car comme tu dis shika devnir si for en un ans ou deux …totalement impossible…..c’etait pas obito c’est sur ou comme je dis quelqun en lui ou un autre complice…..Aime : 0

    • Well I will have to check out your blogs! They sound like they are worth following! It is always good to find someone who sees things at least somewhat like you do.

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    • the woman did not want her neighbors to see her talking to the TV people, so they spoke outside. Then the reporter said "when we walked the woman back to her apartment her neighbors shouted obscenities at her." Why did they WALK HER BACK TO HER APARTMENT!!!! Wishing everyone a good shabos.

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      “Kim Kardashian, of E!’s “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” hosted a party Saturday night at The Pool at Harrah’s in Atlantic City where she also played craps with Penn & Teller, or at least pretended to for a photo-op. Kardashian, who brought along her friend Brittny Gastineau, left Harrah’s a little after 3 a.m. to fly back to Los Angeles.”guess Artie didn’t get in

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    • It’s entirely possible that they didn’t read the original blog post, and they just came to similar conclusions through their own research. But yes, I too like the idea of a big org responding to points made in a comments thread… 🙂

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    • I love your reflections in this story. God’s Grace is always there for us. We just have to open and our hearts and souls, and repent. I can totally relate to the concept of familial dysfunction, or the dysfunctional family. In some sense we are all dysfunctional beings since we are sinners.

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